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From big corporations to small startups, any organization can attest how long, arduous, and costly the hiring process can be.

It starts with advertising the position on various job sites. Then you sift through resumes, conduct first interviews, conduct second interviews (sometimes even third interviews), and check references. Finally, you cross your fingers and hope that you’ve chosen the right candidate. 

Next comes the job offer. From there you’ll likely have to go back and forth as you negotiate the contract and terms. Once everyone’s signed the dotted line, you’re on the hook for another few weeks before that person can finally start. 

Unsurprisingly, the hiring process can take weeks, sometimes months, until you find the right person. And sometimes, you never find the right person. It seems like no matter how many job sites you advertise on or how many LinkedIn profiles you reach out to, you just can’t find the talent to do the job. 

During this time, your current team is likely spread thin, doing the role and picking up the slack until this new employee can step in. How many hours has your staff spent screening candidates and background checking? At this point, leaders typically do one thing: they settle. Their gut may be screaming that this isn’t the right candidate, but the company is desperate to get more hands-on deck. 

This type of scenario never turns out well. In fact, it typically turns into more turnover. So after all of that time, money, and effort, you’re right back where you started from.  

Are you exhausted yet? We feel ya. In fact, we see this same scenario play out over and over again. This is typically the point when we hear from frustrated hiring managers looking for a helping hand. 

Enter: the recruitment agency. An experienced firm will find you that qualified employee who’s in it for the long run. Plus, they do all of the interviewing, screening, and reference checking for you. That means less time searching, and more time for you to concentrate on other important parts of the business. 

Here 2 major benefits of hiring a professional recruitment firm.

1. You’ll save time.

Ask anyone who’s tried to hire talent, and they’ll tell you that finding someone that checks off all the boxes is a daunting task. It can take days to sift through resumes and cover letters, and we all know that what’s on paper does not give a clear picture of what the person is really like.

One of the biggest advantages of working with recruitment agencies is that they already have a vast pool of talent in their networks. This makes it incredibly fast for them to find exactly who you’re looking for.

 Their expertise will give you an advantage because it will significantly shorten the hiring process — a huge benefit to not just your time, but everyone else’s. 

2. You’ll avoid the bad apples.

It’s easy for someone to say all the right things during an interview, but are they really as qualified as they say they are?  

 Recruitment agencies are known to improve your staff by only recommending high-quality candidates. This goes beyond just the hard skills to do the job; we look for candidates who possess character traits that support corporate culture. People who care about the future of the business, are highly communicative and perform with integrity. The last thing you want is someone who is looking for a stepping stone in their portfolio. 

Collectively, our agency has conducted thousands of interviews in the nearly two decades in business. That means we know exactly who’s being sincere and telling the truth — and who’s not.