As the recruitment industry continues to evolve, so do we. Welcome to a new era of Creative Niche – as you’ve never seen it before!

The world looks very different today than it did in March of last year, largely in part to the Covid-19 pandemic. What worked then, doesn’t work now – and digital transformations have been dominating industries the world over.

While the past year has been unnerving on the economy, it presented a unique opportunity for us at Creative Niche to re-evaluate our business and how we could adapt to the current times. The world was evolving, and we decided to evolve with it – so, like many of our clients, we embarked on a journey of digital transformation.

The first thing we did? We ditched the orange!

As we get ready to enter the new year, the timing couldn’t be more perfect to introduce you to our new beginning. We have completely re-imagined the Creative Niche aesthetic, giving a much-needed refresh to our brand. We wanted our redesign to not only reflect our identity but also improve the overall user experience. After all, you – our talent and clients – are at the centre of our business.

By now, you’ll have noticed a new look and feel. We’ve welcomed a new logo and colour palette (aqua blue, hero yellow, off-white, off-black, and bright red), re-designed our web layout and introduced ‘The Hub’ which offers exclusive insights and advice relevant to you.

And although creative is in our name, we want to be known for so much more than just creative recruitment. We are leaders in tech, marketing, advertising, digital, and design… and our brand refresh gives us the opportunity to showcase who we are as a business: positive, creative, fun, collaborative – and of course, laser-focused on recruitment. 

We have re-invigorated our styles, assets, and offerings to reflect the award-winning agency that we are. We might have a new look, but we’re still the same niche – and we are so excited to welcome you here!

Explore our new website today, and let Creative Niche help you find what you’re looking for.