Man in a power suite looking at his smartphone. Hiring an Executive Search Firm

A good executive search firm does what you can’t.

As we enter into a new year, many companies have set in motion plans for growth and development, especially for leadership and upper-management positions. 

It’s no secret that hiring for leadership roles is notoriously challenging. Why, you ask? From the particular set of needs and expertise, to personality and company culture, there are an abundance of factors that contribute to a great match between a candidate and the company hiring. And making sure all these bases are covered on your own is downright impossible when you’re not an expert in recruitment and hiring. Yet, despite this, many companies hesitate to turn to an executive search firm for help. However, an executive search firm will take on the hiring process, so you have more time to focus on what you’re an expert in—your business. 

Here are four things an executive search firm will do to help your company succeed this year:

Define The Role

It’s hard to find what you want when you don’t know *exactly* what you’re looking for, and sometimes, getting consensus from an internal team is a challenge. A good executive search firm can help on several fronts. With a deep knowledge of the recruiting landscape, they can help you narrow down what you need. They have expert experience in filling similar roles in other organizations and can help form a well-defined idea of the role and what to look for when selecting the most successful hire.

Recruit & Screen

Are you still relying on the same job board but hoping to find an all-star candidate ready to jump in with  fresh ideas? It’s no longer ‘enough’ to post the listing on your website and wait for applications to roll in. You need more exposure and need to know where there are good candidates in order to reach them. While your company’s social media platforms are a great place to start, it’s not as effective since your social audience may primarily be your customer-base.

Recruiting firms have wide networks of candidates and often have several potential candidates in mind that they will suggest right away. In many cases, they have been pre-screened so that the recruiting firm can quickly narrow down talent who have the right skills, at the right experience level and in the right price range. 


Hiring managers sometimes forget that when an interview takes place, it is as much of an opportunity for the candidate to interview you as it is for you to interview them. An executive search firm will not leave you on your own during this process, but is a partner to help you through it. A great executive search firm will have advice on what to look for in a candidate, tips on how to conduct a thorough interview, and will offer ways to improve your search for the top candidate. 


Once interviews are complete and a decision is made, you can rely on your recruiting partner to provide the best advice when putting together the offer for your selected candidate. There’s nothing worse than losing a great candidate with an offer that misses the mark, and a recruiting firm can help create one that is both beneficial to your company and potential hire. 

Hiring for a senior or leadership role is risky because a bad hire can cost you time, money and even affect the well-being of your existing staff. By finding a recruiting firm you trust to help you through from the initial job description to the offer letter, you’ll reduce the risk. 

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