With the start of 2022 already presenting challenges for employers, here’s how a recruitment agency can help businesses mitigate hiring-related concerns.


By now, we’re all very familiar with the effects that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the labour market. From remote working to the ‘Great Resignation’ to ‘workplace ghosting’, employers have had to navigate a myriad of unprecedented challenges while struggling to keep their businesses afloat. While we hoped 2022 would look a bit different, new variants of the coronavirus have proven that the pandemic is far from over – and its effects on the workforce will be felt well into the year.


Hiring top talent has always been challenging but, in the face of Covid-19 and a burgeoning candidates-market, there are extra layers of complexity to consider. Now more than ever businesses should consider partnering with a recruitment agency in 2022.  


Here’s why.


1.     Exclusive Access to A+ Talent:

With a vast network of pre-screened candidates, recruiters will get to know your business culture and needs, and efficiently match you with an ideal candidate. Great recruiters have access to a large community of A+ talent for your business to tap into, giving you access to candidates that you may not have had before. Drawing on their experience and knowledge, recruiters will apply it specifically to the niche you’re hiring for.


2.     Get Your Time Back:

Employers are stretched and have less time to spend with the admin side of hiring. Gone are the days of sifting through applications and relying on your teams’ referrals… from fine-tuning job descriptions to pre-screening talent to facilitating onboarding processes, a recruiter will consistently offer the best candidates suited for the role quickly and efficiently – giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business right now.


3.     Recruiters Equal Less Risk:

When you hire a recruitment agency you mitigate the risk of a bad hire. A great recruiter will make sure that the candidates presented are an ideal fit and are reliable. While most placements succeed in the long term, sometimes things just don’t work out. When this happens, the recruiter can help investigate what may have gone wrong and lend their expertise and advice for future hires. After establishing a solid relationship with a recruiter, the best part is that these situations will rarely happen as a skilled recruiter will take the time to get to know the ins-and-outs of your business and the vision for their team ahead.



4.     Professional Insight and Trend Forecasting:

Recruitment agencies can provide so much more than just job placements. Great recruiters will be aware of trends occurring in the workplace and have unique insights regarding candidates. From best interview practices to employee retention tips to competitive analysis, recruitment agencies and their recruiters will offer the best advice and work collaboratively with you.


As Canada braces for another year of the ‘talent crunch’ in an exceptionally competitive market, now is, perhaps, the best time to consider onboarding the services of a recruitment agency. As Creative Niche’s VP of Talent, Theresa Casarin, and Director of Client Services, Monica Gonzales, explain, “when you partner with Creative Niche, for example, you’re not just hiring one recruiter – you’re hiring a team, and that gives your candidate search wider reach, and your company more valuable insight”. As businesses continue to wage on in uncertain times, recruiters can help take one less worry off the table – streamlining top talent for your team.


·      This article was adapted from a previous article titled 3 Ways A Recruiting Partner Will Change Your Business in 2021 by Creative Niche. To read the original article, click here.